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Channeling Your Feminine Energy to Attract A Quality Man

Posted on October 18, 2022

Do you ever get nervous, tense, or anxious when you’re around a guy you’re smitten 🤭 with?

Relaxing and feeling more confident are two things that many of us wish we could achieve simultaneously.
What if you could enter a room and command a man simply by the way you walk, stand, and carry yourself?
To attract a man by simply being YOURSELF, letting go of any negative thoughts or fears, and simply relaxing into the most self-assured, positive, and magnetic, you would feel liberating, wouldn’t it?
It’s entirely possible!

In this article, I’m going to demonstrate exactly how you can change your “energy” and attract any man you come 🧲 across.

When you think of charismatic women, think of a woman you know.

A woman who radiates life and 🌟vitality and can transform any space she enters. A woman that men find attractive and want to be around. She’s the kind of woman who attracts men’s attention and whengagement. You’ll often find men surround her and trying to tell her stories and make her laugh 😂. Either she possesses innate charisma, or she was cultivated it.

She has the air of someone who has it all together.
After years of experimentation, research, and observation, I’ve come to this conclusion: Don’t let the fact that you were born with “model” looks keep you from getting what you want or having a wonderful life.

You can learn to have a charismatic, magnetic energy, which is more attractive than anything you could ever do to change your body 🏋️‍♀️or buy at a beauty store 💄.

This feminine charisma is, in fact, your birthright as a woman.

It’s actually a lot easier than you might think because it’s all about unlearning what you’ve been taught incorrectly.

Tapping into your natural feminine energy 💃💋🌹

This one trick, however, requires you to get intimate with the nervousness, anxiety, or tension you’re experiencing.
I know these aren’t the most pleasant sensations to experience… Neither are resentment, hostility, or any of the other unpleasant emotions. For this trick to be effective, you must not ignore your other feelings. Instead of appearing natural, it’ll be obvious that you’re trying too hard.

Those other emotions are there for a reason. The feminine essence is defined as the ability to feel and express one’s emotions.

Emotions and feelings belong to women.
You must be willing and open to all of your feelings in order to truly tap into your natural feminine energy and power.
A lot of the time, we’ve been taught that some emotions are unfounded. But they’re all correct!

Think about it this way… It’s perfectly normal to be 😠 upset when a planned date falls through at the last minute.

Ignoring your anger isn’t a good idea, is it? You have to accept it. After you’ve dealt with your emotions, you might even bring it up to him.

To put it another way, it’s like applying a 🩹 band-aid to a wound that really needs stitches.
Allow yourself to feel the tension, the anger, or the anxiety. I’ll even say it aloud to myself: “I’m feeling a lot of anxiety.”

You want to redirect your emotional energy after you have fully felt the emotions that you are experiencing.
While it may appear counterintuitive at first, this simple trick eventually makes it a breeze.

Achieving an appearance that is both natural and uniquely you

A simple, step-by-step process can lead to a natural, “organic” transformation. Although some changes can be awkward at first, it doesn’t have to feel that way.

It’s not about pretending to be someone you’re not; it’s about being who you are.

Your natural feminine power will shine through if you drop all your defenses and false beliefs about yourself. Getting rid of what isn’t true to who you are.

If you want to see what I’m talking about in action, here’s a simple way to boost your self-confidence and energy by tweaking a facial muscle…it’s all in your lips 👄!

You may not be aware of it, but when you’re anxious or tense, you clench your lips. You might even grit your teeth and 😬clench your jaw as you purse your lips.

Try it right away. Consider a recent conversation or event that left you feeling off-balance, enraged, or anxious in some way. He called to cancel a date that you had been looking forward to. When you needed to talk or vent, he would turn his back on you and not look at you.

Is that what you’re picturing, or are you just making things up? Ok…

Keep an eye out for the tightening of your lips. Suddenly, your mouth appears smaller and tenser. As you 😬clench your jaw, you could feel your teeth chattering.

Think of something sexy and relaxing now. Get into the visual aspect of things. Petting a dog or a cat is a common mental image. You may be picturing your man stroking your 👩‍🦰hair as he tells you he loves you. Listen to the sound of the ocean as you relax on a 🏖️tropical beach with nothing to worry about.

Isn’t it remarkable how your lips and jaw now feel after that? Surely they were in a better mood – you might be able to breathe a little easier now!

Relax your lips and part them slightly 👄next time you’re nervous around the guy you’re 🥰smitten with.

Once your “energy” is calmed, you’ll notice an immediate change in your mood. Furthermore, this remarkable technique can make you appear calm and confident even if you’re in an extremely tense situation. When you’re on a date or talking to your boyfriend about something personal.

It’s a visual “signal” to a man that you’re open and vulnerable if you look more confident and relaxed, which attracts him.

What a wonderful thing to see! A woman’s natural inner beauty and feminine energy can be tapped into to increase her attractiveness and draw more men to her. Men are drawn to a woman when she is relaxed, vulnerable, soft, and strong in her natural feminine power!

You can’t attract a high-quality man if you don’t radiate your feminine essence.

It’s just one of many tricks you can employ in your quest for happiness. I cover all these topics and more in my blog, so stick around longer and get instant access to everything I have to offer!

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