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  • • You’ve just gone on another Hinge date that you thought went well and now he’s ghosting you.
  • • Everything was great with your boyfriend in the beginning, and now he is pulling away.
  • • Your rocky marriage lacks the passion it once had or it’s headed towards divorce.
  • You’ve given up on men entirely because dating and men suck.
  • • When Sex seems to be boring and repetitive. 
  • You’re picking up after a man and a child and seething with resentment as all of the dating and romance drained out of your relationship.



Take a deep breath and sigh it out. Imagine with me for a moment.
What if… you felt excited and joyful every time you encountered your partner?
What if… love was easy, even, dare I say it, effortless?
What if… the days of walking on eggshells were gone, and instead, you felt relaxed and secure in your relationship?
What if… you could receive more affection, more adoration, and more intimate sex by actually doing less?

Now, here’s the kicker, it doesn’t have to be what if! This can be your real life now. You can be loved, adored, and cherished today and every day after.
“HOW?” – you’re wondering, am I right?
It only takes understanding how and why men fall in love with us and then making small changes in what you say and do so that you are more cherished, more loved, and more supported.
Women’s magazines and female friendship groupthink have misled us when it comes to understanding men.
I know that right now, this may not seem possible because your man is pulling away from you, arguing with you, or even breaking up with you.
You may feel like he is too far gone and that this mess cannot be repaired. You may have fallen into the social media scarcity trap that “there’s nothing but garbage left in the sea,” “men are trash,” and “all the good guys married.”
It may not seem possible, but it is.
Even if you are at the end of your rope, I’ll tell you how you can make a 180-degree turnaround today with simple action steps.
You CAN have the most ✨magical, 🪢lasting, 💦juicy, 🫂intimate relationship you’ve dreamed about since watching the Disney franchise.
No more fussing around reading the newest magazine articles or creating theories with your best friends on why he does the things he does and how to make your relationship better. You don’t have to figure this out on your own. I can help you and it starts today!

The Things We Do to “Get” a Man Actually Push Him Away

Everything you think you know about men is wrong, and it’s not your fault.
Everything you think you know about men is wrong, and it’s not your fault.
In order to get the juicy, romantic, and blow-your-socks 🌬🧦 off kind of love that you desire, you need to learn HOW men fall in love with us in the first place. And spoiler alert, it’s not what you think.
This is why we’ve been reading cosmo articles of the latest tips and tricks to get the guy since our teenage years and we’re still running into trouble! What gives right? If all of those tips and tricks articles worked, why do we keep ending up distressed?
It can be not only confusing, but also absolutely world-shattering when he pulls away or says things like “I’m just not feeling it anymore,” “I don’t think you’re the one,” “I’m not attracted to you anymore,” “I need some space,” or “I’m not sure about this.”
And you’re left thinking, “wait, I did and said all of the right things- why is this happening?”
The reason for this distress and confusion is because the things that society and magazines tell women will make men fall in love with you, in reality push him away!!!
The reason for this distress and confusion is because the things that society and magazines tell women will make men fall in love with you, in reality push him away!!!

When women start to feel a man drifting away, we usually roll up our sleeves and get to work on making things better.

We start cooking more nice meals, making his life easier by doing small favors or buying new lingerie that might entice him.

Mistakenly, we think that if we were a little nicer, a little more beautiful, a little thinner, a little more agreeable, a little sweeter, THEN he will finally fall deeply in love with us forever. We try to be the ‘go-with-the-flow-girl.’ We patriciate in his favorite activities like golfing or watching the game at the bar. When we see him stressed, we focus on helping him, making things easier for him, and making him happy. Then maybe just maybe, he’ll finally see how lucky he is to have an incredible woman who is the one he’ll stay in love with and make a lifelong commitment.
But here’s the big kicker, you don’t have to prove anything. In fact, you have to totally forget about doing, convincing, and pulling a man towards you at all in order for him to want to chase you. These are all masculine energy habits that stop him from connecting with our feminine energy.

I want to give you easy-to-make, small changes that actually work and make him chase you down like a hungry tiger 🐅that’s been roaming the savanna for a month looking for a meal. We’re running an end of 2022 sale on our ebook for $97.


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This Book Will Get Your Love Life Back on Track.

The rumors are true – everything you’ve heard about the life-changing effects of this book have been experienced by many. Today, we’re giving you the culmination of 20 years of wisdom – and we’re so sure you’ll love it! What are you waiting for? It’s on sale for $97 right now.


the book includes

🔑 Major Key 1: Falling Deeply & Unconditionally In Love With Yourself 🥰

• How to handle ⚔️ Joan of Arc ⚔️ aka your inner voice …. that sabotages your best efforts at finding and keeping true love

• A powerful writing technique 📝 that will allow you to manifest your ideal relationship in record time

• An easy exercise to cull out the “El Tóxico” men who are not worth your energy, time, and heart 🙅‍♀️

🔑 Major Key 2: Expressing Your Feminine Energy to Cultivate Love & Joy 👸

• Positioning yourself as the 🏆 prize so men chase, pursue, and court you – whether you’re dating or been married for years

• Being in touch if your 🫀 feelings and emotions is the most direct path to a man’s heart

• Replacing over-functioning habits for 🧖‍♀️ self-care habits that cultivate more romance, love, and excitement

🔑 Major Key 3: Choreographing the Dance of Feminine & Masculine Energy 💃🕺

• How masculine and feminine energy differ, and why their polarity intensifies passionate attraction 🧲

• 🧙‍♀️Shape-shifting to flow between your feminine and masculine energies so you can excel in both love AND work

• The words a man needs to 🦻hear before he can fall madly in love with you and give you everything you want

🔑 Major Key 4: Receiving Love & Support from Masculine Energy 🦸‍♂️

• Ways to 🫡 respect and appreciate a masculine man that will inspire him to do more and be more for you

• Reframing tools 🛠 to let go of your 🤬 anger towards your partner, which prevents him from 🪃 boomeranging back to you

• How to open the🚰 flow valves of communication even when he is shutting down during disagreements

🔑 Major Key 5: Letting Go of Control to Achieve Partnership 🤝

• The subtle and ⚠️ dangerous ways you chase him, control him, and turn him off without even knowing it

• How to 🛑 stop working so hard to get affection, attention, and love from men

• How to set boundaries, desires, and expectations without starting a fight 🤺… and will even inspire him to get closer to you

Men Don’t Fall in Love with Our Bodies or Our Minds.

They Fall in Love with Our 💞Hearts & 📿Souls!

Long flowing hair with six-pack abs and a tiny waist? Graduated top of your class from Harvard? We think, if I’m pretty enough and smart enough, he will logically realize I’m a catch and will want to be with me.
Despite men loving logic and deduction, logic has no place in the realm of feeling love. You can convince him that he should want to be with you – that try to get to him through his mind 🧠 Or you can let him feel he needs to step up and claim you as his woman – this is connecting with him through his heart 💞
But how is he supposed to connect with your heart and feel in love with you if you’re not connected to your own heart and don’t know what you’re feeling??
So here’s the big secret: A man falls deeply and madly in love with you when (1) you are deeply connected and in love with yourself (2) you are vulnerable and brave enough to share your feelings. This is how his heart will touch your heart. This kind of intimacy is so rare and euphoric that he will continue to choose and chase you so he can feel this feeling again.
Men crave acceptance. A man does not want to be changed. If you try to change him, he feels like he’s not enough. A man wants to be loved and accepted for just as he is right now. It is impossible to give a man this if you don’t first love and accept yourself just as you are.

Are men visual creatures who want to feel aroused sexually? Sure
Do men want to have an interesting conversation? Also, sure.
But what men really crave is to feel emotionally safe to be themselves.

If he can see that you’re in touch with your feelings, heart, and feminine energy, he will automatically feel safe to touch his heart to yours and step up to be your knight in shining armor.
Your hearts and souls will deepen in intimacy. He will fall head over heels for you without even realizing that it’s happening. You will become one of those women that men always seem to be chasing. He will be the initiator, planner, and romancer. We just have to give him room to take on this role.
It’s only when you deeply love every part of yourself and you are truly connected to your soul that you will ignite a lasting fire in his heart.❤️‍🔥

And I’m here to show you exactly how in my ebook for $97.

product is digital and the images are for visualization only

Stop Taking Advice from Guppy Fish on How to Catch a Great White Shark

One day I was hanging out with one of my fellow coworkers/ pickup artists instructor/ guyfriend when he prompted me to show him my dating profile.

As soon as he saw it, a look of disgust, like he’d just smelled rotten fish, grew on his face. He said “ugh, Amanda, this is all wrong, you look like a girl I’d take home to mom, no one’s going to want to f*ck you.”

My guyfriend then proceeded to dissect everything wrong about my profile. As he went on and on, I began to feel a tightness in my throat and unworthiness panic session began crawling up my spine…

But then I had a single thought that broke the spell like lightning:

“Wait a minute, why am I taking advice from a guppy fish on how to catch a shark?!”

There it was. The truth. I didn’t want to date a guy like my friend. I cared for my friend, but I didn’t want to date him or anyone like him. I didn’t find him physically or emotionally attractive.

Why in the world, would I take dating advice from someone I not only didn’t want to be but moreover, someone I’d never want to date.

In retrospect now, my pickup coworker was a closet misogynist who actually hated women. He was one of those types of guys who said “I like you. You’re not like other women who are just after money or totally full of themselves.”

I cringe now thinking about some of the company I kept during this period of my life. Hindsight is 20/20 and I’ve gained a lot more boundaries around the energy that I let into my space, which inadvertently began attracting more and more quality men as friends and dating prospects.

After this experience, I started to take a good, long hard look and who I was taking relationship advice from. And I’ve continued to evaluate and reevaluate everything that I feed my mind, from the music I play in the car to the people I watch on social media.

Let me tell you about two very prominent “relationship experts” I followed on social media.


Story #1

I was watching another relationship advice video sent to me by a girlfriend. This guy is extremely prolific on Instagram and many other platforms. As I watched and rewatched the video, I knew something felt “off” about what he was saying. 

It was logical, inspirational, and decent advice, but something really wasn’t sitting well with me about the guy delivering it. Then “POW!” it clicked. This guy was a total turnoff. I didn’t find anything about him attractive, from his stature to his energy vibe. 

To be candid, my thought was “I’d never f*ck this dude.” He was the opposite of the type of man I was looking for. I wanted a big, strong, masculine man. This guy was effeminate, weak, and constantly surrounded by women who were gobbling up his platitudes like gospel.

I’d caught myself again taking advice from a guppyfish on how to catch a shark.

So if you’re taking dating advice from a dude online (young or old), here are some honest questions to ask yourself: 

  • Does this guy really look like a guy that you would want to date?
  • What’s your first impression – is he an alpha or beta? 
  • Is this guy who is giving dating advice to you the type of attractive, masculine, wealthy man you’d like to date, sleep with, and marry? 

If your answer is “No” to any of these questions, then stop taking advice from a guppyfish!


Story #2

When I was younger, I enjoyed following some fellow 20-something women on Instagram who made funny memes and podcasts on dating and men. These women were super beautiful and also appealed to my devil-may-care, I-don’t-need-a-man, women-are-better-than-men mentality at the time.

The “have you not seem the news, there’s nothing but trash in our oceans” response to the “there’s more fish in the sea” was a total vibe and movement on social media for the last 5-10 years. It was partly about taking back power from men who seem to care less about us women. It fueled the “catch flights and not feelings” hats and hashtags propagated on single solo traveling females.

And do not get me wrong, I was full on part of this counter-cultural movement. But as Mark Twain suggests, “when you find yourself on the side of the majority, perhaps it’s time to pause and reconsider.”

I realized at some point that dating beautiful vogue models and brilliant French scientist, firefighters – all with six packs – was fun, but ultimately not what I wanted longterm. (But if this is what you want right now, I can help you do that too.) I’d been playing the game with all different kinds of men “who can care less” because the person who cared less had the power.

But then I realized “why seek power, when you can have love.”

I was ready for something different, so I had to shift my beliefs about men and reconsider what I really wanted.

It was during this time that I saw my social media feed with new eyes. Had these women who provided raunchy entertainment about men and dating and had also evolved?

The answer? Kind of.

While they were getting into more “self-care,” “self-help,” and therapy, they either (1) still found ways to shit on men or (2) made the healing journey seem really arduous, like a never-ending uphill battle.

But here’s the truth. Men are freaking wonderful. And moving closer to healed along the spectrum of healing is actually quite easy, and it doesn’t require thousands of dollars and hours in therapy.

The women I was following on Instagram were beautiful and successful but also chronically single with a “most men are trash” mentality. So if you’re taking dating advice from a hot insta-babe online, here are some honest questions to ask yourself: 

  • Does she spend most of her videos living in scarcity while she talks about all the shitty things men do and men’s shortcomings?
  • Is this woman dating successfully? It’s one thing to have a lot of dates, it’s another to have quality pursers. 
  • Is this woman married successfully? It’s one thing to be married, it’s entirely another to be happily married in a team that is thriving and growing together.
  • Does she make the road to healing seem like it’s so much work?

The key difference between these online personalities and me is that I help you realize that you are your own guru, and having everything your want for yourself and a relationship is actually freaking easy! 

I’m helping you deprogram yourself from the scarcity and masculine-reward beliefs that society programmed into you. I help you unlock your inner abundance to attract high-quality men. I don’t have a social media account, so I’m not vested in constantly generating new content of the “latest thing” to keep you entertained or dependent on me. I don’t make money off more views, likes, or shares on social media. I am not your guru. I’ve only outlined the proven, scientific methods that I’ve learned, which allow you to open up your feminine intuition and find the answers within yourself. 

The answers to Big, Juicy, Magical Love for yourself and your relationship are already in you. Let’s unlock them.

Your STEP-BY-STEP, Action-Oriented
🗺 Roadmap to his HEART!

When you can stop doing the hard work of planning, strategizing, over-analyzing, and pretending, you can start tapping into your natural gift of feeling intimacy in connecting hearts and souls. Then all of the attention, affection, and love that you deserve will easily flow down to you like a waterfall. 🌊
Love CAN be this effortless. It doesn’t have to be hard work. It’s as easy as removing kinks from a tangled hose so love can flow freely. You only have to make tiny subtle changes in how your body language and how you communicate.
I was so tired of watching women struggle. Listening to my guy friends and my female friends complain about their interactions with the opposite sex when I knew that just a few small tweaks could get them exactly what they wanted!
This is why I wrote my book 📖, How To Make Men Chase You🏃‍♂️. I wanted to give women a clear and easy step-by-step map to achieve real, lasting intimacy and a heart-to-heart connection with the man of their dreams.

Attract Him Like the Flower Attracts the Bee

+ Everything You Need To Know


amanda serna

Who is

Amanda Serna?

Hi 👋, this is Amanda 🥰!
Can you imagine if you could turn your relationship around overnight?

Then the snap of your fingers, click of your heels, *poof* y “viola!”

An abundance of love and devotion from your partner that lasts not just for today but for the rest of your life.

I’d love to introduce myself to you because you are probably wondering who is Amanda and “what can she teach me about men, love, and relationships?

Through my one-on-one private consulting, book, and blog, I help hundreds of women feel more confident, secure, and loved. The writing techniques and methods I’ve cultivated and developed quickly and effectively help women attract big, juicy, passionate, abundant love into their lives - whether they're dating, married, or somewhere in between.

I have a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, specializing in Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis Therapy and I've worked with some of the most famous private Relationship Consulting companies in Los Angeles. After getting turned down from an executive job at one firm for being "too attractive" and a potential "distraction for the men in the office," I decided to venture out on my own!



Before my partner, I was a sensitive, prickly desert cactus 🌵that pretended to not need anything from a man. I was hard on the outside and a soft mess on the inside.

I didn’t know how to set boundaries with a man, so I ended up with men who gaslit me and made me feel like I was the inadequate one.
Coming from a divorced family, I sought to control and manipulate others so that I could be safe. I equated control with numbing my emotions, which was necessary for survival and protecting oneself.
Growing up, I didn’t have many examples of a healthy, loving, committed relationship. The only thing that I knew was that life was tumultuous, and to survive, I needed to be hyper-aware and tough. Living in an eat or be eaten the world, I stuffed down my emotions and focused on trying to feel safe any way I could.

• I didn’t buy new makeup, clothing, or jewelry to be prettier.
• I didn’t get new boobs, a nose job, or liposuction.
• I didn’t buy the latest skinny tea, diet pills, or start a new workout routine.
• I didn’t listen to more relationship podcasts where women would just go on and on trash-talking men.
• I didn’t take advice from social media influencers who didn’t also all represent the type of person I would want to be with.
• I didn’t read online articles about the latest tips and tricks to arouse him in bed.
• I didn’t consult my girlfriends about my relationships to get the same kind of advice that always landed me back in the same place

My romantic relationships mirrored a repetitive rollercoaster of feast and famine, abundance and scarcity.
At my wit’s end, I spent money on every self-help book, and online dating course, and I became voracious – insatiable, really…. I consumed everything (books, peer-reviewed research studies, ethnographic studies, etc.) I could on relationships and the behavioral differences between men and women.

I went back to my Cognitive Neuroscience education and my experiences coaching men in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to help them meet women. That’s right, I used to consult with 3 different private companies in Los Angeles that taught men who didn’t have social skills how to interact with and win over women.

At the time, I was the foremost expert on the entire body of research surrounding neurolinguistic programming and its practical application. I then used my neuroscience background to dive back into the application of hypnosis to treat trauma and manifest not only your ideal self but also your ideal relationship.

I now live in a generous world that is absolutely abundant with eligible, dashing, handsome, wealthy, riveting men who want to court me, provide for me, and love me. Men began tripping over themselves to set up another date with me. They hung on my every word and invented new and exciting ways to court me. Men have taken me on cool dates like eating at Michelin Star restaurants, glass-blowing classes, private windsurfing lessons, and international trips. Men wrote me love letters and poems and sketched pictures. Men actively planned a future that included me. Men bought me gifts like flowers, clothing, and jewelry.
Then I had my pick of the litter. My partner is more doting, more affirming, more caring, more communicative, sexier, more loving, braver, more handsome, funnier, and more healed than anyone I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. He is truly the man beyond my dreams, beyond what I could’ve imagined ever asking the universe for.

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I’m going to hold your hand and teach you the real tools and secrets that you can implement immediately right now to get results. Time and again, I heard back from clients, and I’ve seen with my own eyes how practicing these tools, you’ll see your man change overnight.
You’ll experience more romance, more attention, and more affection.
He’ll call and text you more. He’ll make plans for fun dates and rendezvous. He’ll chase you and be intrigued by you. He’ll want to know more about you and how you’re feeling. He’ll take initiative to do things for you to be your hero.
All of the negative feelings, anxiety, neglect, and fighting will dissipate. You will be restored to your queendom to be again blissfully adored and worshiped. These tools are not about tricky manipulations 🃏 or playing games 🎮.
You’ll just be learning to give him exactly what he wants, which will inspire him to give you what you want.
When you open yourself up to the feminine energy of receiving (instead of giving), the affection and love that you desire will naturally, effortlessly flow to you. He’ll finally give you the expressive and devoted love that you deserve and crave.


in my book you'll learn

Six secret keys 🤫🔑 to linking your heart to a man’s. These will be a new kaleidoscope that will recolor all of the false beliefs that you’ve learned about relationships and men

What’s the #1 bad habit keeping you trapped in a destructive love cycle - and #1 good habit that will get you the love you want

The three rules that will make fighting and tension *poof* disappear, which allow joy and communication to flow in your relationship

Why the brain weights negative experience 20x more heavily than positive experiences and how balancing the scales ⚖️ brings a man closer to you

How to transform ANTs 🐜 (automatic negative thoughts) into APEs 🦍(automatic positive experiences) to get exactly what you need and want from men

The #1 biggest turn-off mistake that women make when dating and how to “edit undo” it so you can receive more attention and affection with way less effort

Why men pull away and seemingly stop feeling and four simples steps 🪜 that topple anger and resentment blocks that keep him from returning to you

The exact scripts to use to communicate with a man so he (1) understands your true feelings and (2) want to take action to make you happy. He will feel that your souls are intimately connected and he will feel the overwhelming desire to be your hero and give you want you want

How to permanently change your “energy vibration” to become instantly more attractive and irresistible to men

Five ways that make men feel more appreciated so he instinctively gives more love. When you finally give up over-functioning and resentment (for him and your kids), you man will have space to naturally do more for you.

And So Much More...

These changes will work for you if you’re single, in a relationship, engaged, or married. Get your copy for the limited-time price of $97.




l can honestly say that You are a woman who positively influenced my life and my relationship in more than just romantic relationships, but ALL RELATIONSHIPS!!! 

Thank you for being a guide. You’re probably the first woman in my life who taught me what I deserve in a relationship and how I should be treated!

She opened my heart to communicate with men in a productive, feminine way that doesn’t emasculate my partner, but rather inspires him to show up as a divine masculine king. Amanda brings the brutal honesty, compassion, and bad bitch energy that every woman should learn to embody. 



Amanda helped me get in touch with my feminine side.
I was using more masculine language than feminine, and by changing how I spoke I changed how I thought.
It made me feel empowered and beautiful, which are both things that are attractive to everyone and make me feel good about myself!


for Mediocre Men & a Lukewarm Love Life

product is digital and the images are for visualization only


Listen up babe – you can have your cake 🍰and eat it too 🍽. You can have a romantic 🌹, juicy 🍑, loving 👩‍❤️‍👨, and lasting 💍partnership. You can have a man with a good head on his shoulders, a good heart in his chest, and a good six-pack set of abs on his stomach. You can be pursued, chased, and courted. You can be loved, cherished, and adored. You can have more joy and more happiness. And it can happen in the blink of an eye 👁.
For my ladies who are dating, the ideas and practices that you’ll implement from the book will shift how men perceive you, court you, and how quickly they fall in love with you. A man will seek to know you, mind, body, and soul. He will seek to please you, chase you, and romance you. He will see you for the prize that you are and bend over backward to win you over.

For my ladies who are married or in an exclusive relationship, this book will be the defibrillator that your hearts need to reignite a fiery, passionate love ❤️‍🔥. Your boyfriend or husband will boomerang back to you and recommence courting you. Your intimacy will deepen as he becomes more affectionate, communicative, and loving. He will rediscover his burning desire to be your 🛡knight in shining armor. He will feel fulfilled, loved, needed, and full of purpose in serving you, delighting you, and loving you.

These changes only occur when you finally relax into your divine feminine energy, so he will feel compelled to step into his masculine energy, which is what makes him happiest and is most natural for him. You’ll realize that by being in your feminine energy of receiving that you are doing less because doing is masculine energy. You are the captain of the ship who charts the course, and he is the sailor that gets you to the destination. When you do less, you receive more love and adoration from the masculine. Only when these opposing energies are balanced can a true connection of souls be at love and peace with each other.

Forever Thine, Forever Mine, Forever Ours,

We’re running an end of 2022 sale on our ebook for $97.


Is This Book Really For Me?

This book IS NOT for you if…


This book IS for you if…

The rumors are true – everything you’ve heard about the life-changing effects of this book have been experienced by many. Today, we’re giving you the culmination of 20 years of wisdom – and we’re so sure you’ll love it! What are you waiting for? You don’t have to pay $10,000 for private consultations because for a limited time, it is only $97.