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Does your Man Have a Fear Of Intimacy, or is He Just Emotionally Unavailable? Find Out How You Can Bring Him Closer

Posted on October 18, 2022

Do you sometimes worry that your man is afraid of intimacy?
It can be really upsetting if your guy frequently comes off as aloof, indifferent, or unmotivated to put genuine effort into your relationship. You two share a special type of love, and things flow so effortlessly when things are good.

On other days, however, he simply isn’t there 👻. He might be physically present, but his emotions and 💭thoughts may be elsewhere. You question whether you’ve become involved with yet another emotionally unavailable, insecure guy.

You can withdraw into your own thoughts as you try to determine what went wrong or why you chose a man like this, yet again.
That’s where I come in. If you feel like you’ve been trying to get your man to really open up, connect, and commit to you, READ ON!
It’s not too late. Even if you’ve tried everything, had results once, and then things went back to normal, with nothing changing going forward. There’s more you can do and I’m here to guide you around that.

The 🗞️good news is that men are simple in a fundamental and significant aspect when it comes to dating: if they want you, they will get you, and you won’t have to put in much effort to make it happen.

But it’s also true that they frequently do the very bare minimum to keep you around. Here are a couple of tale-tell signs which you’ve probably experienced before:
-They don’t want to commit fully but will always give you a “girlfriend” status.
-They often try to hang on to their freedom without committing, yet again
-They always need “time.”
-And they’re always “not ready.”
They’ll give in to themselves, “snap-to,” and work hard to win back your “good graces” so they can “slack off again” and STILL keep you around for a while if you give them space to exactly that.
Men are masters at eliciting information. Men have been known to go years, sometimes even 2, 5, or 8! without ever TALKING about commitment. It’s simply “not a good moment” in their lives all the time.

But why do you think this happens?

Why is he not ready to commit? Is it “You,” or is he like that with every other woman he crossed paths with? Why doesn’t he change?

It all boils down to one thing; 🪢connection.

On an emotional level, it works the same way for men as it does for women. However, there is a significant difference between how our romantic response is activated and how a man is triggered.

Both men and women are drawn to each other in unexpected ways. There is a secret set of traits shared by men and women that arouse  🧲strong attraction.

When it comes to attraction, it might as well be a 🧞mystical dance between you and him because of everything that happens beneath the surface. Attraction isn’t just about the way you look and act. It also includes other not-so-obvious factors concerning “energy” and “pheromones” and many things that make up who we are.

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