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Heal Your 💔 Broken Heart In Just 3 Steps

Posted on October 18, 2022

How can you mend a 💔broken heart?

Do you ponder for weeks, months, or even years why something went wrong?

Do you go through every situation that led up to the breakup, trying to understand what happened? Makings pros and cons lists?

Do you follow the sage old advice of “the best way to get over a man is to get under one?”

The likelihood is that you’ve done one or more of these in the past. You wouldn’t be the only one. Trust me.

Unfortunately, none of these strategies are successful. Another 💔broken heart in your next relationship is a common effect of all of these methods.

After all of this heartache, do you really want to repeat the experience?

Do you truly want a new relationship to fail? Do you really want to go through this agonizing cycle for years on end?

If not, the following is critical:

It’s not possible to repair a broken heart by ignoring the agony and rushing into an unsuitable relationship, by clinging to the heavy, excruciating sadness as a self-flagellating memory of the lost love, or by overthinking and overanalyzing yourself into a pit of melancholy confusion 😕.

I have been guily of every single one of these… Over and over and over again. I decided tha the definition of insanity was doing the same thing and expecting different results. I discovered a better method: a method that would allow you to take back control of your love life and 🏃attract guys who will treat you with the respect and admiration that you deserve.

Step 1: Let your emotions run through 🚿

No matter if you’re “attached” to a man who’s enticing you with breadcrumbs of love or you’ve taken the difficult decision to break up with your partner, heartbreak is never pleasurable – plain and simple.

To avoid the pain of heartbreak, most of us will go to any lengths (even staying in a dead relationship for an extended period of time!). 🧠Neurochemically it’s like trying to quit a cocacine addiction. 

However, this is exactly where you need to be – in touch with your own thoughts and feelings.

Rather than dismissing them. Or pretending that they don’t exist at all. Or deeming them incorrect. Or you may strive to dodge them until you find yourself at the bottom of an ice cream pint.

The only way to experience them is to allow them to 🚿flow through you.

You can do this right now by taking a moment to sense your own heart ❤️‍🩹. 

What’s there? Do you have any thoughts or feelings right now?

If you’re grieving the loss of the man you adored and the dreams of a long-term relationship that he inspired in you, allow yourself to experience that sorrow and grief fully.

In the face of betrayal, rejection, or abandonment, it’s okay to feel a bit of wrath 🤬!

Make room for fear in your life if you’re terrified of what the future holds.

You must feel what is TRUE for YOU, no matter how difficult, messy, unpleasant, convoluted, perplexing, or terrible it feels.

Be honest with yourself and others – don’t pretend everything is fine when it isn’t. Let go of the idea that you’re somehow less distraught than you should be. Don’t think about it too much; just feel what’s truly going on.

Don’t go on about what might have been, what should have been, what ifs, and the like, and don’t run into the arms of a stranger to distract yourself.

The flip side of this coin is harmful wallowing, which you may prevent by allowing yourself to feel it totally and thoroughly.

Instead of trying to stifle or suppress your feelings, try allowing them to flow freely and unhindered.

Step 2: Redirect the focus to you (and away from him!) 🪞

When a woman’s heart is shattered, she tends to fixate on the person who caused the pain. Again, this is because evolutionarily and biochemically women, more so than men, are relational in nature. We can’t help it. It is literally wired into us.

We don’t know why he dumped us 🗑️. In our minds, we are always re-evaluating our acts. We’re looking for a way to win him back.

That said, love does not depend on a particular man. In spite of the fact that it may seem like that, it’s not. To be in love means to both love and be loved. Feeling the flow of love into and out of your body. As though it were a river coursing through you.

Only a portion of what you were exchanging with the man you were in love with was an exchange. Some guys are better at exchanging 💕love than others, and this is especially true if YOU are the one who has the ability to do it.

In order to exchange love, you must first be able to love yourself fully, entirely, without limitations – you must love everything about yourself. You must first love yourself. Your presence will allow him to be his best self since he knows he’s accepted by you.

Assume, for the sake of argument, that you are going through a breakup, but you are still in love with the person (who may have been a real jerk at times). And there’s a part of you that believes that if you can just make him see how 🪩wonderful you are, he’ll want you back and stop behaving like a jerk.

To please him, you’re constantly thinking of ways to show him your best self, how much hotter and more adventurous you can be.

And you try to persuade him to reconsider his decision to end things with you.

But here’s the problem: this doesn’t function at all. An 🐅attraction to a woman isn’t motivated by what she can accomplish for him or how she changed to win his affections.

A man falls in love with a lady who can express all of her feelings and wishes, and who is not scared to do so (even the messy ones).

How comfortable, confident, and empowered you are in your own 👄🔥💃feminine power is what’s most important here.

And to do this, you must be completely honest with yourself, particularly in terms of how you FEEL.

Many women get sucked into this ☢️unhealthy cycle of focusing so much on the guy that they neglect their own feelings.

They (and I was once upon a time, one of them!) are as emotionally unavailable and manipulative as the emotionally unhealthy and unavailable men they attract.

Yes, you manipulate the situation when you do everything you can to keep a guy, such as being polite, lovely, kind, and saying the “correct” things. Not being honest with yourself.

The wrong kind of men will be drawn to this, and it will damage a wonderful relationship.

Step 3: You need to give yourself 100% commitment 💍

You’re neglecting your innermost feelings every time you give your full attention to him. This is a lie you’re telling to no one except yourself.

In order to connect with the actual you, you must be honest with yourself and your feelings. You’re also missing out on a chance to discover if he’ll treat you and your needs with respect.

You’re looking for a partner who’ll treat you like the goddess you truly are, not just another man. There is no one who will care if you are hurt or unhappy or sad. Who will cherish and value you for who you truly are, with all of your flaws and inadequacies included?

That means acknowledging all of your feelings, including the ones you don’t want to acknowledge.

When you’re feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, nervous, or furious, don’t hide. 🙈

At first, this may seem frightening. To be vulnerable is scary if you’re not used to letting others see that side of yourself. It takes a lot of courage to be open and honest with a man about your difficult feelings, yet it is exactly what makes him trust you.

It’s a good place to begin if you’re afraid or hesitant. Why? In order to appear ‘perfect,’ put together, or good enough to a prospective suitor, many women try to disguise their feelings.

It won’t take a quality man long to pick up on this lack of genuineness.

When you begin to open up about your feelings, be honest about how frightening it might be.

The more genuinely you present yourself to men, the more attractive you will appear to them.

When it comes to the men in your life, you’ll probably scare them into submission ( In fact, it’s a good sign.) In order to be a good partner, a man must be willing and able, to be honest with himself and with you.

Your ideal man is looking for a woman who is at ease with her own softness and who is able to express that vulnerability to him. You’ll wish you’d figured this out sooner because he’ll be so madly 🔥attracted to you.

Though it may be difficult for you at first, remember that it’s not about the person.

It’s all about YOU.

So, stop dwelling on the man, the loss of the good aspects of the relationship, or whatever it is that has captured your attention. There must have been some very good grounds for the breakup of the relationship. Look at the things that didn’t work for you, too, if he decided to call it quits on it.

This means allowing yourself to feel upset or angry because you recognize that he was simply being himself, and you’re most likely feeling heartbroken and angry because YOU had needs and expectations he didn’t meet.

He may seem like a douche for contributing to the breakup, but this is not about him… It’s all about YOU. It’s impossible to transform him into a better person by attempting to coax him into it, by sobbing, or by convincing, or by any other sensible or dramatic ways.

In order to change his character, you must focus on meeting your own requirements rather than on him. The only way to make him want to be a better man is to make yourself so irresistible and 🔥attractive that he can’t resist you.

To do this, you must first learn to love and accept yourself.

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In my book 🏃‍♂️HOW TO MAKE MEN CHASE YOU, you’ll learn:

Heartbreak is never pleasant. And none of us are looking forward to it. However, you might take this as an opportunity to change how you interact with men and get a much better response.
You find yourself suddenly in charge of everything. So go ahead and use it to attract a great man who will value you as the prize you are!

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