Secrets to Bring your Ex

Back to You & Fall in Love again

Were you totally blindsided when he wanted to call things off? Could you feel him pulling away and doubting your relationship?

How To Make Men Chase You ebook gives you the magic to bring him back to you no matter how bad things look now.

This book shares secrets on how to make any man (ex-boyfriend or ex-husband) fall deeply and madly in love with you all over again.

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  • • You feel exahusted because it always seems like you’re chasing him trying to save the relationship.
  • • Everything was great with your boyfriend in the beginning, and now he is pulling away.
  • • Your rocky marriage lacks the passion it once had or it’s headed towards divorce.
  • You’ve given up on your relationship because you can’t seem to make him happy.
  • • He’s lost interest in you sexually and avoids cuddling and intimacy.
  • You’re picking up after a man and seething with resentment as all of the dating and romance drained out of your relationship.



Take a deep breath and sigh it out. Imagine with me for a moment.
  • What if… you didn’t always have to worry about if he still loved you?
  • What if… your relationship was easy and fun?
  • What if… the days of walking on eggshells were gone, and instead, you felt relaxed and secure in your relationship?
  • What if… you could receive more affection, more adoration, and more intimate sex by actually doing less?

Now, here’s the kicker, it doesn’t have to be “what if!” This can be your real life now.
You can be loved, adored, and cherished by the man who is currently having doubts.

“HOW?” – you’re wondering…

It only takes understanding how and why men fall in love with us and then making small changes in what you say and do turn the tables so he chases you.

I know that right now, this may not seem possible because your man is pulling away from you, arguing with you, or even breaking up with you.

You may feel like he is too far gone and that this mess cannot be repaired.

Getting him back is possible. These methods have worked for me and my clients. No man is out of reach or too far gone. It doesn’t matter if he’s walked out the fifth time or hired a divorce lawyer.

Even if you are at the end of your rope, I’ll tell you how you can make a 180-degree turnaround today with simple action steps.

You CAN have the most ✨magical, 🪢lasting, 💦juicy, 🫂intimate relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

No more fussing creating theories with your best friends on why he does the things he does and how to make your relationship better. You can have all of the answer by getting my book today!

The Things We Do to “Get” a Man

Actually Push Him Away

“Why did he want to leave?” “Am I not enough?” “What did I do wrong?” “How did we get here?” I know what it’s like to ask yourself these questions.

It can be not only confusing, but also absolutely world-shattering when he pulls away or says things like:

  • “I’m just not feeling it anymore,” 
  • “I don’t think you’re the one,” 
  • “I’m not attracted to you anymore,” 
  • “I need some space,” or 
  • “I’m not sure about us.”

And you’re left thinking, “Wait, I did and said all of the right things? Why is this happening?” 

When women start to feel a man drifting away, we usually roll up our sleeves and get to work on making things better.

We start cooking more nice meals, making his life easier by doing small favors, or buying new lingerie that might entice him.

Mistakenly, we think that if we were a little nicer, a little more beautiful, a little thinner, a little more agreeable, a little sweeter, THEN he will finally fall deeply in love with us forever. 

We try to be the ‘go-with-the-flow-girl.’ We patriciate in his favorite activities like golfing or watching the game at the bar. When we see him stressed, we focus on helping him, making things easier for him, and making him happy. 

Then maybe, just maybe, he’ll finally see how lucky he is to have an incredible woman who is the one he’ll stay in love with and make a lifelong commitment.

But here’s the big kicker, you don’t have to prove anything. In fact, you have to totally forget about doing, convincing, and pulling a man towards you at all in order for him to want to chase you. These are all masculine energy habits that stop him from connecting with our feminine energy.

I want to give you easy-to-make, small changes that actually work and make him chase you down like a hungry tiger 🐅that’s been roaming the savanna for a month looking for a meal. We’re running an End of 2023 Sale on our ebook for $47. 

What brings my ex running back?

Feminine Power Reconnection

to Become Infinitely Alluring to ALL Men

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the book includes

💃🕺Choreographing the Dance of Feminine & Masculine Energy 

• How masculine and feminine energy differ, and why their polarity intensifies passionate attraction 🧲

• 🧙‍♀️Shape-shifting to flow between your feminine and masculine energies so you can excel in both love AND work

• The words a man needs to 🦻hear before he can fall madly in love with you and give you everything you want

Receiving Love & Support from Masculine Energy 🦸‍♂️

• Ways to 🫡 respect and appreciate a masculine man that will inspire him to do more and be more for you

• Reframing tools 🛠 to let go of your 🤬 anger towards your partner, which prevents him from 🪃 boomeranging back to you

• How to open the🚰 flow valves of communication even when he is shutting down during disagreements

Expressing Your Feminine Energy👸 to Cultivate Love & Joy 

• Positioning yourself as the 🏆 prize so men chase, pursue, and court you – whether you’re dating or been married for years

• Being in touch with your 🫀 feelings and emotions is the most direct path to a man’s heart

• Replacing over-functioning habits for 🧖‍♀️ self-care habits that cultivate more romance, love, and excitement

Men Don’t Fall in Love with Our Bodies or Our Minds.

They Fall in Love with Our 💞Hearts & 📿Souls!

Long flowing hair with six-pack abs and a tiny waist? Graduated top of your class from Harvard? We think, if I’m pretty enough and smart enough, he will logically realize I’m a catch and will fall in love with me and stay with me. We falsely believe “if I can be perfect, he will stay.”

Despite men loving logic and deduction, logic has no place in the realm of feeling love.
Trying to convince him that he should want to be with you – this is trying to get to him through his mind 🧠
Or you can let him feel he needs to step up and claim you as his woman – this is connecting with him through his heart 💞

But how is he supposed to connect with your heart and feel in love with you if you’re not connected to your own heart and you don’t know what you’re feeling??

So here’s the big secret: A man falls deeply and madly in love with you when (1) you are deeply connected and in love with yourself (2) you are vulnerable and brave enough to share your feelings. This is how his heart will touch your heart. This kind of intimacy is so rare and euphoric that he will continue to choose and chase you so he can feel this feeling again.

Men crave acceptance. A man does not want to be changed. If you try to change him, he feels like he’s not enough. A man wants to be loved and accepted for just as he is right now. It is impossible to give a man this if you don’t first love and accept yourself just as you are.

Are men visual creatures who want to feel aroused sexually? Yes

Do men want to have an interesting conversation? Also, yes.

But what men really crave is to feel emotionally safe to be themselves.

If he can see that you’re in touch with your feelings, heart, and feminine energy, he will automatically feel safe to touch his heart to yours and return to claim you as his again.

Your hearts and souls will deepen in intimacy. He will fall head over heels for you without even realizing that it’s happening. You will become one of those women that men always seem to be chasing. He will be the initiator, planner, and romancer. We just have to give him room to take on this role.

It’s only when you deeply love every part of yourself and you are truly connected to your soul that you will ignite a lasting fire in his heart.❤️‍🔥

And I’m here to show you exactly how in my ebook for the limited-time sale of $47.

amanda serna

Who is

Amanda Serna?

Hi 👋, this is Amanda 🥰!
Can you imagine if you could turn your relationship around overnight?

Then the snap of your fingers, click of your heels, *poof* y “viola!”

An abundance of love and devotion from your partner that lasts not just for today but for the rest of your life.

I’d love to introduce myself to you because you are probably wondering who is Amanda and “what can she teach me about men, love, and relationships?

Through my one-on-one private consulting, book, and blog, I help hundreds of women feel more confident, secure, and loved. The writing techniques and methods I’ve cultivated and developed quickly and effectively help women attract big, juicy, passionate, abundant love into their lives - whether they're dating, married, or somewhere in between.

I have a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, specializing in Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis Therapy and I've worked with some of the most famous private Relationship Consulting companies in Los Angeles. After getting turned down from an executive job at one firm for being "too attractive" and a potential "distraction for the men in the office," I decided to venture out on my own!



My Story aka Why I Decide to Write This Book For You… and Me

I thought I’d met the one. Everything he did seemed to point to him being a great man – my perfect match. He was established and happy in his career. He asked me twice to be his girlfriend. He intimated moving in together. He looked for solutions to our problems. He said things to me like, “I don’t care what anyone else would ever say, I know I love you, and I want you.” He wrote me love poems and got up early on Sunday mornings to make me tea in bed.

 It was all going so well… until it wasn’t anymore. Little by little, things began to change without explanation.

He stopped coming home excited to see me. He spent time on his phone and alone in another room. We weren’t laughing or playing together. We hadn’t had sex in weeks. And as all of this went on, I began feeling more and more nervous as the tension in the air gathered between us. He was tired all the time and acted indifferent to me. I could feel him emotionally and physically withdrawing from me. Any affection felt forced. He was irritable, and I was walking on eggshells.

I didn’t know how to (or that I could) express this intangible tension I was feeling. I had nothing tangible to point to, like cheating or abuse. I was confused, muted, and miserable. What had happened? What changed? He courted me and fought for me… what was going on? Was he not sure about me – again?

I would stay up till 2 am, curled up in the fetal position, crying on the living room floor because I didn’t understand why he was pulling away. My throat closed up, and I struggled to breathe. My mind clouded, and I couldn’t think. I felt powerless and hopeless. I subconsciously believed that I had to protect myself and prepare for the other shoe to drop, which became a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

One day the other shoe dropped. No amount of dress rehearings and waiting for the other shoe to drop prepared me for the pain I experienced when the relationship ended. 

He showed up at a coffee shop where I was working on my laptop, and he point blankly said he’d packed up all his stuff from our apartment and didn’t want to be with me. He went as far as to say, “I never really thought about marrying you. You’re not the one.”

It felt like I’d been physically punched in the chest. This man who’d proven that he’d fight for me time and again was now telling me that he didn’t want to be with me. I felt blindsided. On the inside, I was crumbling. I felt angry, sad, hopeless, and worst of all – to blame.

I felt things were happening to me, and I had no control over them. I was miserable, in love, and stuck. I lived in fear that he would leave me, and now it was coming true all over again. And I didn’t know what to do.

When he broke up with me, I stayed calm and collected outwardly, but on the inside, I was still looking for a way to make him want me.

I approached him like I approached any problem in my life that needed to be solved and handled. I put the lab coat on and got to work with my charts and measuring instruments. What was he thinking? What was he feeling? What was he doing? I tried analyzing everything to make sense of him. Even after those grueling hours of lab work, I wasn’t any closer to a solution. In fact, I felt even further away from him than I’d ever been. 

 Then I realized something: I was chasing him. I was hiding my feelings from him.

A connection couldn’t exist because neither of us was willing to put ourselves out there. Neither of us had healed or dealt with our shame. We were too afraid to show each other our baskets filled with fear of rejection. Neither of us could open our hearts, so no matter how often we told each other we were in love with other, it wasn’t really true. 

It’s when I’d finally hit rock bottom, in my darkest times, when I realized that what I’d been doing was the definition of insanity – “doing the same thing and expecting different results.” At the bottom, there really was nowhere to go but up. I was finally ready to break the sinister gas-lighting, toxic men merry-go-ride that I was stuck on. 

I stopped dead in my tracks and dropped doing things completely. I pulled my energy to myself and worked on my happiness. I decided to live in the arena. If this relationship had any hope, I had to look internally at all of the barriers within myself that prevented me from love.

When I finally stopped trying to show off what a catch I was… When I stopped trying to convince him I was the perfect woman… When I stopped all chasing behavior towards him… When I stopped trying to earn affection and love… that’s when it all turned around, and incredible men started hunting me like I was the only gazelle within a 10,000 radius of a wild lion reserve.  

I gave myself credit for everything that I’d been through in life. I’m resourceful. I’ve bounced back from losing everything in my life multiple times. I knew in my core that no matter what he decided, which I couldn’t control, I wouldn’t just be alright. I would thrive. 

I believed so fiercely in the beauty and inevitability of my remarkable life, even if he didn’t end up being the one.

I realized that doing my self-care routine and focusing on my happiness wasn’t enough. I was attempting to “fake it til you make it.” I was pretending I would be okay while still secretly, desperately wanting him to choose me. This man knew me. He saw and felt my desperation, making him want to recoil more. 

So then I asked myself, how can I truly feel and know that I would thrive (no matter what he decided)? What more could I do than self-care? More than social events with my friends? More than growing myself and my career?

I cared about our relationship. I wanted to be married to him. But.. I didn’t need him. I knew that I would be married. I internalized that I am lovable, the prize, and a man who wanted to be with me needs to show me that he is capable of giving me what I desire in life. 

My energy shifted from avoidant behavior of walking on eggshells and not saying anything to rock the relationship boat to having the confidence to express what I wanted and felt because it was the truth. 

I internalized the take it or left it attitude. 

If he was going to get out of the car and futz around on the side of the road, I would stay in the car with my map. I knew where I was going and that I would eventually get there, whether it was him driving or another man. 

If we didn’t want the same things in life, I would be okay because I knew what I wanted. I wasn’t going to keep trying to force it. I decided that what I wanted more than him was for me and him to have the best partners for us. If that wasn’t each other, that was okay because, in the end, I would still have my happily ever after with a great man who could and wanted to give me all of the things I wanted. 

When I thought I had already worked out all my kinks and I was ‘healed,’ I intellectually knew what to do, but I still didn’t feel worthy exactly as I was. 

When I finally shifted my reality, he came back to me. He spoke sweet nothings into my ear: “I want you, I want all of you.” He wanted to work on our relationship.

But I realized that it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t “too late.” I just realized he couldn’t give me what I really wanted.

He was not capable of breaking the cycle. He could barely acknowledge his part. Without real accountability, I couldn’t bring myself to take him back. I felt worthy of more. I was no longer willing to settle for inconsistent love and being an option for men.

My whole world was different now. I felt worthy, lovable, and desirable. And because I believe this to my core, every man knows it too, which is why they’ve all come running back

He will come back on his hands and knees begging your for a second chance. How do I know this? Because I’ve had multiple men who tried to dumb me crawling back to me and then I got to decide if I wanted to keep them. 

Your renewed relationship will be better than ever. He’ll make plans for fun dates and rendezvous. He’ll chase you and be intrigued by you. He’ll want to know more about you and how you’re feeling. He’ll take initiative to do things for you to be your hero.

Here’s what I know DOESN’T work to get your ex-man back:

  • Buying new makeup, clothing, or jewelry to be prettier.
  • Getting new boobs, a nose job, or liposuction.
  • Buying the latest skinny tea, diet pills, or start a new workout routine.
  • Listening to more relationship podcasts where women belittle men.
  • Taking advice from influencers who don’t represent the type of person I would want to be with.
  • Reading online articles about the latest tips and tricks to arouse him in bed.
  • Consulting my girlfriends about my relationships to get the same kind of advice that always landed me back in the same place.

This is what DOES work to magnetize him back to you:

When you can stop doing the hard work of planning, strategizing, over-analyzing, and pretending, you can start tapping into your natural gift of feeling intimacy in connecting hearts and souls. Then all of the attention, affection, and love that you deserve will easily flow down to you like a waterfall. 🌊

When you open yourself up to the feminine energy of receiving (instead of giving), the affection and love that you desire will naturally, effortlessly flow to you. He’ll finally give you the expressive and devoted love that you deserve and crave.

All of the negative feelings, anxiety, neglect, and fighting will dissipate. You will be restored to your queendom to be again blissfully adored and worshiped. These tools are not about tricky manipulations 🃏 or playing games 🎮.

I was so tired of watching women struggle. Listening to my guy friends and my female friends complain about their interactions with the opposite sex when I knew that just a few small tweaks could get them exactly what they wanted! 

This is why I wrote my book 📖, How To Make Men Chase You🏃‍♂️. I wanted to give women a clear and easy step-by-step map to achieve real, lasting intimacy and a heart-to-heart connection with the man of their dreams.

I’m going to hold your hand and teach you the real tools and secrets that you can implement immediately right now to get results. Time and again, I heard back from clients, and I’ve seen with my own eyes how practicing these tools, you’ll see your man change overnight.

For my sisters who feel their men slipping away, this book will be the defibrillator that your hearts need to reignite a fiery, passionate love ❤️‍🔥. Your boyfriend or husband will boomerang back to you and recommence courting you. Your intimacy will deepen as he becomes more affectionate, communicative, and loving. He will rediscover his burning desire to be your 🛡knight in shining armor. He will feel fulfilled, loved, needed, and full of purpose in serving you, delighting you, and loving you.



for a On-Again-Off-Again Relationship




Get the program.
Honestly, stop thinking about it and get it. Amanda is the first woman in my life to teach me how I deserve to be treated in a relationship. Through laughter and tears she helped empower me to ask for what I want, assert my boundaries, and stop bulldosing men. 

My life turned right side up in the best way. I’m now dating the man of my dreams, and I’ve never been so open and connected to anyone in my life. 

I’m so excited. I think he’s going to propose. Amanda, You’re amazing!



She opened my heart to communicate with men in a productive, feminine way that doesn’t emasculate my partner, but rather inspires him to show up as a divine masculine king. 

I bought this program to get back a man I’d been dating for 2 years, but reading this book made me realize that I deserve so much better.

He came back, but I’ve already moved on because I know there is a better man out there for me. Amanda, I don’t know what my life would be like if it wasn’t for you. I am now a glowing, wild, strong sunflower – THANK YOU!



l can honestly say that You are a woman who positively influenced my life and my relationship in more than just romantic relationships, but ALL RELATIONSHIPS!!! 

Amanda brings the brutal honesty, compassion, and bad bitch energy that every woman should learn to embody. Get ready!

Thank you for being a guide. You’re probably the first woman in my life who taught me what I deserve in a relationship and how I should be treated!
Thank you so much Amanda!



Amanda helped me get in touch with my feminine side.
I was using more masculine language than feminine, and by changing how I spoke I changed how I thought.
It made me feel empowered and beautiful, which are both things that are attractive to everyone and make me feel good about myself!


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