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How to Get the Commitment You Want Without Pressure

Posted on October 18, 2022

“He often takes me out. We’ve developed a certain rapport. But how can I convince him to stay with me and only want me? ” Many women tend to wonder what more they can do to get a man they’ve hopelessly fallen for to commit to them.

 Unfortunately, a lot of women find it difficult to get a guy to commit, especially when he consistently makes up excuses and ignores everything they say.

Men are simple beings, and what they find most desirable in women is when they focus on the unforgettable moments and emotions she creates for them rather than their own needs, concerns, and fears. Here are a few ideas to get you going on how to convince him to 💍 commit without putting any pressure on him

Make your relationship a breeze. 🎏

Numerous women enter partnerships for all the wrong reasons. They start pressuring a man to profess their love right away, but all that does is make him back away. Prior to considering commitment, concentrate on fostering a laid-back atmosphere in the relationship.
Based on his level of relaxation at the time, it makes it easier for them to evaluate the relationship. Spend some time relishing in his presence. Show him your gratitude. It will soothe, unwind, and cheer him up. A male will only commit to a girl if he finds her to be good company.

Learn to be friends first before lovers. 👫

Having a genuine friendship that is free of expectations allows you to be who you are, him to be who he is, and the two of you to learn more about one another.
Being friends first guarantees that the first attraction passes and that you both see each other for who you truly are, which is the ideal basis for commitment. Allowing a man to take the lead puts the initiative on him, which is a terrific approach to encourage him to commit.

Connect with him on an emotional level. 🥹

Because they are typically taught to hide their emotions, many men lack an emotional support structure. If you want him to be your love, provide him with your shoulder when he needs a solid support system. Show him that you are there for him when he needs you.
Show him how you may boost his happy times. Offer to listen to him and give him the right guidance. Every guy would want to settle down with a woman who could relate to his difficulties. If you do all of them, he will start to like you sooner.

Work on your self-confidence. 💃

Nothing is worse for a man than a woman who is desperately looking for love.
Because showing him that you are desperate sends the message that you lack self-respect and are willing to do and accept anything to be in a relationship.
On the other hand, you encourage him to commit to you when you are self-assured and aware of your value as a gift from God.
Because he can now clearly see that you have a separate identity and happiness from him.

Give him space. 📏

After self-confidence, the next thing you need to reassess is whether you’re clingy or needy.
Even when they are in committed relationships, men need to feel free. Once they start dating, they don’t want to feel as though they are losing their identities.
One thing you can do is to keep living your best life and give him space. Don’t abandon all of your goals, ambitions, and projects for him, whether you are just starting to date or have been together for a while.
Instead, continue being you by spending time with your friends, engaging in your own hobbies, and following your own aspirations.

Set healthy boundaries. 🧿

Contrary to what many people think, being upfront about your expectations in a relationship is a positive thing.
You must establish your standards and boundaries from the start in a respectful and feminine fashion if you want a man’s respect and interest.
By doing that, you provide him with the information and resources he needs to pursue you.
In a dating, committed, or married relationship, politely let him know what you need from him and what you’ll give in return.
Before giving him more of your attention, interest, and emotional commitment, let him demonstrate to you that he knows what is expected of him.
And you’ll be shocked to realize that while the wrong person will flee, the right guy will be inspired and encouraged to commit to you.
I honestly can’t think of a better win-win situation!

Be the UPGRADE in his life. 🎫

This might be a little hard to chew, but hear me out! I really believe that the only reason anyone would ever want to relinquish their single status and enter into a committed relationship is that it would improve their quality of life.
It means that both of you prefer being with each other to being alone. More love, laughter, and purpose. Simple.
Because of this, upgrading a guy’s life and demonstrating the worth of your presence is the best way to convince him to commit to you.
That does not imply that to attract a man, you must alter who you are. Instead, it implies that you must be really authentic and allow him to get to know the quirky, silly, and emotional you.
He won’t be able to decide whether or not he wants to add you to his life until then
Since there is only one of you, upgrading his life means that you provide a special touch that no other woman can.
And that’s what will motivate him to step up his game.
A man will only commit if he sees a future with you. You need to convince him that you are the ideal female for him. Play your part, and before you know it, he’ll be committed to you!
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Remember, the goal isn’t to get any guy to commit to you but the right man.

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