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How To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy and Draw Him Closer

Posted on October 18, 2022

What does it mean to exude a lot of feminine energy? What does it actually entail to be feminine? Here’s what you need to know about being more feminine and connecting with your feminine power.

The term “feminine energy” refers to a particular set of attributes that are thought to be the polar opposite of those connected with male energy. When you’re pursuing a goal, moving forward, getting things done, and pushing yourself, your masculine side emerges. When you go with the flow of life, accept your 🎨creative energy, 🩰dance, 🏓play, and are aware of your 🎭 emotions, you express your feminine side.

But many of us have paid a high price for our modern liberties—the loss of devoted, profoundly passionate relationships.

In relationships, we’ve all but forgotten how to embody our own feminine energy and feminine power because we’ve bought into the lie that there is only 🔥power in masculine energy.

Why it feels like we’re out of touch with our feminine energy?

Have you often wondered why we feel like we have no control over the situation when we want to get closer to a certain man, even if we can pursue the best educational degrees, start the ideal businesses, and design our lives as we want?

Because it frequently involves growth and pushing forward, masculine energy tends to be “respected” more in our culture than feminine energy. As a result, people feel out of balance both personally and culturally. When we spend excessive time on being a man, we spend most of our time working and very little time relaxing, traveling, and making impromptu connections with other people. Additionally, overvaluing masculinity makes us reliant on valuing ourselves from what we produce 🧑‍💻, so we inevitably end up spending less time nurturing our creative and expressive selves. 

Women and men will forever remain different.

There’s no point in denying that we women are different from men, even though each gender should have an equal opportunity to pursue happiness.

The distinctive characteristics of men and women—masculine energy and feminine energy—are essential to cultivating passion. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨Attraction comes from the dance of masculine and feminine energy.

While both sexes have both energies, one is always more dominant within a person.

How to get into your feminine energy 💋

Being feminine doesn’t just mean living your life to the fullest potential without compromise. It also means:

Being in your masculine energy is the complete opposite of this.

Masculine energy is a pure burst of drive to complete tasks while you’re trying to do anything. The masculine part of ourselves is an excellent source of drive to achieve our goals in the outside world.

When you’re in a relationship, masculine energy is a cover-up 🙅‍♀️. It masks the softer, more alluring feminine energy. It hides the essence of feminine energy, which is connected to your most intense emotions.

When we are in our masculine energy, we feel the need to DO something to make something happen, which causes us to DISCONNECT from ourselves, cover up our feminine energy entirely, and suppress our feelings. The relationship breaks down the moment we stop connecting with ourselves. Men see masculine energy as a 🛡️protective shield that’s cold and hard and works as your emotional defense.

In addition, if you’ve been doing the following: suppressing your feelings, stepping up while he’s slacking off so your relationship can go on, acting like you don’t care, playing mind games, or simply not trusting yourself; it’s time to consider that perhaps you’ve been over-functioning within your masculine energy.

It could take practice, but once you stay feminine energy forward in your relationship, you’ll find it comes naturally to you as a woman and wonder why you weren’t aware of it sooner!

And this is just the beginning of how your feminine energy might draw a wonderful masculine man to you.

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