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Is Your Partner Leaving You Feeling Alone? Say This Word To Rekindle The Fire And Bring Him Closer Again

Posted on October 18, 2022

Is your relationship causing you to feel lonelier than usual?

If you’ve been dating the same man for a long time, you could be missing the fire, vigor, and ❤️‍🔥 passion you previously shared.

Maybe it seems as though the surprises and sensual thrills you used to share in your daily life are dwindling.
Or you’ve begun to lose touch with each other’s bodies, finding times of intimacy becoming uncommon, sparse, or even non-existent.

You are having fewer and fewer conversations, and the topics that you do talk about are uninteresting rather than captivating?

Do you and your partner have a habit of ignoring one another or taking each other for granted because you know what to expect from each other every day?

Do you feel like there’s this 🧱wall between you, and you don’t know how to break through?

Here’s the first thing I want you to know if you said “yes” to any of these questions:

Trust me, I’ve been there. 👭

If this is happening to you, don’t ignore the signs🪧. You need to find the proper care and relief it takes to help you bounce back to a sense of normalcy.

Let me tell you exactly how you can turn things around…
Just a few simple measures can start to CHANGE EVERYTHING if you’re committed to regaining your man’s attention and getting him closer again before things go too far down the path of detachment, neglect, and distance.
Here are some things you can say and do right away to start making things better… the EXACT words that will get his attention back, bring him closer, and begin to revitalize your relationship in ways you never imagined possible…

Find your own needs first.

Through your own 💓 heart, you can re-establish a connection with your man. In other words, if you come in touch with what’s in your heart and learn how to communicate it with him in the proper way, you’ll naturally and effortlessly bring him back together. 🪢👫

Take a break, even if it means scheduling it, to reconnect with your desires and needs.

🌄 Imagine a wonderful day in your newly revived relationship when you close your eyes.

What routine tasks would you like your man to do for you? What is it that he could do BETTER? What could he possibly do to your body that would make you gasp for air and beg for more? He’ll feel the same way if you do something for him.

Set aside some time to go out on your own and enjoy a bit of alone time. Take a few classes. Volunteer your time to help those in need. Maybe even get to try that one thinking you’ve always wanted to try (⛸️ ice skating, 🧗‍♀️ rock climbing, 🎨painting).

With these techniques, you’ll have a keener awareness of the detrimental patterns in your relationship that are the result of unsatisfied desires inside of you.
When you feel starved or ignored, you express these feelings to your partner in harmful ways!

Praise him.

Begin to give your boyfriend some of the things he needs to get closer to you now that you’ve reconnected with your needs.

Simply praise him in the right way the next time you’re alone together, and He will feel invigorated, loved, and re-inspired to be your 🦸superhero.

Your man wants to know that he is valued and respected by you… Because to a guy, his actions define him.
As a result, the best method to remind him that you’re still interested in him on all levels is to shower him with compliments. The simplest thing you can do to compliment him is to say, “You look great today.” “The way you handled that problem was wonderful. You’re still the smartest man I’ve ever met,” is another option.
A few powerful, simple words may go a long way, so spare some time today to tell him how much you appreciate and love him for who he is and what he does.

🗣️ Speak up when something has changed

If you’ve been dating for a long, it’s safe to assume that things will have changed from when you were just starting out. And the worst thing you can do is be completely deluded that nothing has changed… especially when things aren’t going well or worsening gradually.
Take some time to find out what’s different between you. What has changed about him since you first met him?
As soon as he shows any signs of dissatisfaction or unhappiness, you should point it out to him, “I can see you’re unhappy. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to be aware of. I’m sorry you’re depressed; I miss our old selves.” Be careful not to push him out the door if he’s turned into a man who prefers to “cocoon” himself rather than go out and have fun like you used to. It’s preferable instead to politely extend an invitation and explain that you want to spend time with him because of your love for him.

Never forget that it is his responsibility to SOLVE his problems, not yours. It’s up to him to fix himself 🛠️, and you can help him along the way, but he needs to be the one to do it.

You can say something like, “I’d love to be able to point you on the right path, but I don’t want to come across as overbearing.” I’d be happy to recommend activities, doctors, and more if you’d like.”

In this approach, you show him that you understand and are there for him, but you don’t want to alienate him by acting like a dictator in his own life.

Bring the sexy back.

In a relationship in need of renewal, sex is likely to be the first thing to go. Knowing what to say and do to get things back on track is just as important as the other areas we’ve covered.

Asking questions without being pushy is a good way to get back into the groove if you haven’t been 🫦🔥💦 hot and heavy in a while.

Just try and ask, “We haven’t had sex in a long time, and I miss it.” What’s going on here?”
And he’ll probably say something back along the lines of, “Well, because you don’t initiate sex.” you’d be surprised how common this response is. So, even if it’s not true, don’t get defensive or feel blamed. If you’d rather, explain to him your lack of confidence in your abilities and ask him how you two might collaborate to get things back on track.
He might be unable to provide one. Instead, offer a schedule and take the first step toward sexual rejuvenation. “How about we set a date for next Wednesday night at nine o’clock?”
When scheduling, don’t worry about being “unromantic.”
Consider incorporating a bit of whimsy, sexuality, and imagination into the calendar as well.
Tell him, “You know that I fantasize about being intimate with you?” and see if that will switch things up.
If you happen to come into contact with him by chance, make the most of it. Use your hands for anything other than merely arousing his interest. Take a whiff of him and take a look at him. Be awed by his body.
Aside from that, don’t give up on developing new talents for his benefit.
One or two conversations with a sex coach didn’t hurt anyone.
Having new experiences in the bedroom can not only thrill you and make you a better lover, but it will also help you become more conscious of your own pleasure during sex.
Let’s put that aside for a moment and consider what all of this has in common. This is all there is to it…

It's All About Saying and Doing a Few Easy Things to Rejuvenate Your Relationship…

When a man you’ve been with for a long time (or even just recently met) begins to distance himself from you, it’s one of the most frustrating, discouraging, and heartbreaking 💔 things that can happen.

Remember that it takes two to tango 🕺💃. When a relationship breaks down, it’s usually because of misunderstandings on both sides.

So, if you’re suffering from the negative effects of having your man distance themselves from you, the only cure is to take action to change things.

But there’s a catch…

You have to do it the right way... Otherwise, you run the risk of exacerbating the problem. So many women “activate into their masculine energy problem-solving mode” and only push him further away.

The best way to make things right again (and even better than they were at the beginning!) is to have all of the exact words and deeds at your disposal. I’ve established a free Attraction Secrets Newsletter to help you quickly and simply turn things around in your love life when your relationship becomes locked in that terrible “downward spiral.”
They have worked for me personally, but more significantly, they have helped countless other women achieve their personal goals.

I’d been with my parter for just over a year when it all started going downhill. He started having doubts about our relationship, pulling away, and stopped being excited about us.

After doing everything wrong to try to make him come back to me or keep bottling up all of my feelings, I started doing the absolute opposite.

They say that they definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, so I did the oppositie. To my surprise everything turn around for the better. It was so counterintuitive, but it was working.
I realized that I could help other women struggling with their relationships too. I felt so much empathy for these women, my own friends, because I’d been doing the same thing they were doing and getting the same crappy results and heartache.
I could distill this knowledge into specific phrase and methods that effortless magnetizing him back to you.

I've done all the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy the benefits of a new romantic relationship quickly and easily…

For the first time in years, I’d want to tell you how I was able to save my marriage from the brink of collapse.
In order to save as many ladies as possible the agony of learning the hard way how to have the love life of their dreams, I started my free newsletter.

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