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Pique His Interest and Make Him Fall in Love All Over Again

Posted on October 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered whether your relationship would just be “Okay” if you could just attract his attention, but you’ve been unsure of what to do and how to behave?
What if making sure both you and the guy you’re dating are on the same page is all you need to stop worrying about keeping him interested in you?
Wouldn’t it be better if you could create that feeling so that he is the one asking you for a commitment? You can, but only if you follow these steps:
As soon as he arrives home, whether it’s a quick hello and “How’s your day?” or something less substantial like “Hello?” What’s the best course of action? Do you want to reach out to him, or do you want to put him out of your mind? Do you want to try to start something new with him in bed, or do you want to stay up all night?
Which of the following is a possible scenario: You see a new guy who’s attractive, but he takes your relationship for granted, or your current guy who’s been ignoring your needs?
Does it always feel like it’s just too much work to keep a guy engaged in the same thing over and over again?

It made me 🤢 sick to my stomach to feel like I was competing with other women when I was “between” men and either had my eye on a man, or there was no man around.

When a man did show up, I felt like I was in a “shop window display,” on edge and on guard. I felt as if I had to put on a show of my wits and charm in order to make him interested.
On the other hand, it was like a candy store with closed counters if there were a lot of men. In my mind, I was obligated to “capture” the men’s attention. And constantly trying to find them by knocking on the closed glass cases they were hiding behind. It was a complete waste of time for me. Those were the exact experiences that bothered me the most.
Despite my best efforts, I was rarely able to go home with a man (let alone a wonderful one) or even have a short-term relationship with one.

But through all those experiences, I didn’t stop to think if there were other ways I could get what I wanted…

Why was I trying to please them, they should be trying to please me. I am the 🏆prize. This is how women have viewed themselves for centuries. That is why there were entire systems for decorum in courting a lady 🌹in many countries and even within the 🦚animal kingdom.

We see it with male penguins🐧 who search endlessly for the perfect 🪨pebble to give to his lifelong betrothed partner. 

It all starts with your rock-solid self-esteem and knowing what you deserve…

To find a man who can truly love you, you must first find a man who can truly love YOU. This is impossible if YOU don’t feel good about yourself.
No matter how much you try or how sweet and sexy you are, or whether you say things the “right way,” your relationship or dating life will always be on the fruits until you begin to change your self-image.

It's also a breeze and a time-saver.

Men began to treat me differently only when I began treating myself differently. They did not attend classes or become better men. They changed to adapt to me. They became great men because they were inspired to become better men to court me.

Here’s a quote from one of them: – “I know it sounds corny but after meeting you I’ve wanted to step up my game a little and do more.” – H May 13th, 2022

I don’t focus on them, which allows them to focus on me. I simply focus on what I want for MYSELF, not what I want them to do.

Instead of thinking, “I don’t want to be with a guy who forgets to text me,” I think “wow, I feel really turned on when a man is making an effort with me and planning dates with me.

When I focused on what I didn’t want and what he’s failing to do, I got more of it. YI felt isolated, neglected, and undesirable. 😢

Does this sound familiar to you? I was hurting and longing. You look like the lead character from an old love story. Having been held in a dungeon or a tower where no one could get to me, it felt like I was in prison.
And he was always just a breath away even though he seemed to be miles away… When my boyfriend pulled away from me, I wanted to scream but I didn’t even know how I could point to something so intangible. I wanted to blame him and rip him apart. I was so focused on him and what he was seeming to do “to me” out of spite.
And he was always just a breath away even though he seemed to be miles away… When my boyfriend pulled away from me, I wanted to scream but I didn’t even know how I could point to something so intangible. I wanted to blame him and rip him apart. I was so focused on him and what he was seeming to do “to me” out of spite.
I tried making us dinner and planning things, but nothing seemed to work. He just continued to pull away as I was trying to chase him down and bring him back. The more he pulled away the more desperate and despressed I became.
I tried talking to my girlfriend, guyfriends, therapist, and family, but I could not find a way to tell my partner how I really felt in a way that he would actually understand and care. I felt so disconnected from the one person I was supposed to most connected to. I felt completely helpless…
And it all started because I thought he was purposefully withholding from me what I wanted and needed from the beginning.

Everything changed the instant I flipped the switch in my head. And the good news is that it's something that anyone can do.

So, if you catch yourself dwelling on what you don’t have, try to shift your focus.🔍🔎

Stop thinking of him as a “go-to” source of love to fill your cup 🥤. Do not let him become your ⛲🤍Fountain Of Love, and do not go to him to fill your bowl with his love.

⛲Fountains don’t water other things or people; they water themselves. The Fountain Of Love is an image you can use to visualize yourself as a self-loving, self-cared-for person.

The pain of not getting what you desire from your man will be relieved by this. Also, he’ll be able to tell that you’re no longer dependent on his affections for your happiness.

He’ll finally notice that you’re your own source of love

You’ll finally experience what it’s like when he wants to share his love with you. Your Fountain will get used to seeing him, and he’ll begin to reciprocate the affection.
The final phase in this “Thought Switch” is to change your mindset. You don’t want a man who only wants to sip from your Fountain of Love.
This man must also want to” water your love” in order to be allowed near you. He must maintain your fountain brimming with passion to do so.
What do you think of that as a picture? To move from him doing nothing to him doing everything is a big step, but that’s the way it works.
Keeping a constant focus on the image of the “Fountain” and “Watering Can” will help you stay on top of your game.
Those you’re dating or just passing on the street who are terrific men will be more than happy to offer you what you need. They will FEEL attracted to give even more to your well of love if they know you are it.

You'll have another surprise when you start doing less, and he starts doing more.

You’ll be surprised by how good you’ll feel about yourself, not just about him. You feel better about yourself when you look at the Fountain image. As your self-esteem rises, so does your level of self-confidence. 👠

And he’ll heed your confidence, even if you don’t accomplish anything!

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a meaningful connection with a man, especially one that happens so rapidly you’re taken aback. Because that’s what I hope for you!

In this fast-paced environment, we’ve ‘lost’ how to be ourselves as women. ♀️

Being your own ⛲Fountain will become second nature as you practice, and before you know it, you’ll have forgotten how difficult it was to start!

Despite everything we’ve been taught, it’s not nearly as difficult as we thought to keep a guy interested. In the end, you’ll be the one who decides which men can stay or go. Even if you are already married, you will regain the strong sense of comfort and confidence you felt on the day of his proposal to you.

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