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The Psychology Behind Making Him Fall In love With You

Posted on October 18, 2022

What makes men fall in love? Is it really love at first sight, or is there more than meets the eye for them?
The reason a man falls in love with you is that he knows he can be himself around you. His feelings are piqued because he is able to open up to you about his deepest, most private thoughts and feelings. You are capable of handling your emotions, and he knows it. That’s something he can pick up on. Because of this, he begins to crave your company, your affection, and your touch on an unconscious level. In all likelihood, he doesn’t know what’s going on in his head. When a man begins to feel safe around you, he craves your company, your touch, and your love. It’s possible he has no idea why he’s feeling this way. He has no idea what it is about you that makes you different from any other woman he has ever been with. He’s madly in love with her.
The psychology behind this is a secret because not much is known by men (AND women) about how it happens. What we do know is that Psychology plays a big part in why he’s mesmerized and wants to pursue something long-term with you.

Most of us don’t understand WHY men fall in love…

It’s our opinion that men need sex, or at the very least, a beautiful woman with a great body. We believe that a man falls in love with us because we are kind, generous, and sweet to him. So we go above and beyond to do things that make him happy. We serve him delicious meals and give him thoughtful advice on any issues he may be having. When he comes over, we light candles. Dressed to the nines, we buy lacy lingerie.
In spite of all of this, he continues to express uncertainty about his feelings. He could also become aloof and moody. Alternatively, he may have slowed down his communication with you or stopped asking you out. The worst-case scenario is that he hurts us or cheats on us, or tells us that he doesn’t think you’re “meant” to be together.
Because you didn’t touch him in the deepest part of his soul, this is what happens. At the most intimate level… with his feelings, you failed to establish a connection.

How to connect on an emotional level with a man

In the first place, here’s what ruins the connection to a man’s heart: A man’s reaction when you open up to him about your day, your thoughts on the relationship, or your thoughts on what you’ve read or heard at work. He’s attentive. He might join in on the conversation, too. But his emotions are not aroused. Everything except your true self is kept private, and that’s why. You’re building walls with him without even realizing it. To keep your feelings of sadness and joy hidden from him, you make the conscious decision not to share them with him.
You may not even be aware of your own feelings. Because of all the things on your to-do list, you cannot focus.
He’ll feel safe and connected to you when you allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and then speak from that place. It appears to be a simple matter. But it’s so counterintuitive for so many of us. It’s a challenge.
Feeling and being ourselves are two things we’ve never had the luxury of experiencing before. So many of us have been bred to be creatures of action, thought, management, and worry. Because of these characteristics, a man cannot feel anything when he is around you. Being what you were meant to be… an alluring woman who is soft on the outside but strong and resilient on the inside—what attracts him to you when you’re feminine, juicy, sensual FEELING!
What’s the secret to this? Using your feelings and emotions to convey the irresistible feminine quality that attracts a man is simple when you know exactly how. Your body language and words will be the tools I teach you to attract a man’s heart and physical attributes. You’ll discover how to EXPRESS your true feelings and connect with a man on a deeper level so that you can win his heart. This blog will teach you what BODY LANGUAGE intrigues a man and how to get his attention while being your true self. Your relationship with a loved one will improve in ways you never imagined possible.

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