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The Ultimate Secret That Will Make Him Fall For You: Your Feminine Energy

Posted on October 18, 2022

Have you ever met a man who you were instantly attracted to and found sexually appealing in ways that defied all logic, but you just didn’t know why? 🤷‍♀️

He might not have been your regular “type” when you were drawn to him, but you couldn’t help but be intrigued anyway. When you were near him, or even just thinking about him, you felt alive.

Perhaps he was shorter, maybe a little more “rough around the edges” than you’re used to. But there was something about him that drew you to him.

With all of your attention on him, it was impossible to keep your eyes off of him. 👀

He wasn’t exceptionally “handsome” or charismatic in the traditional sense.

However, he had a certain vigor that drew you in.

His presence made you feel like you mattered, safe, or loved. It could have been his mannerisms or the tone of his voice. Maybe what he didn’t say had the answer.

Whatever it was that drew you to this man, you couldn’t get enough of him. You tried to figure out why, but you couldn’t come up with a reason for it.

Did he bring up memories of a previous lover? Your celebrity or childhood crush?

You weren’t certain, were you? That was the only thing that mattered to you. The point of approaching him was to strike up a discussion with him. The warm rush of adrenaline that rushed through your body when he locked eyes with you was unmistakable. Your face became red with what you could only imagine was a blush. 😳

The thought of seeing him again, getting to know him better, and getting his attention had you daydreaming about all the possibilities.

It’s as if you’ve been subjected to some sort of curse.

It’s a love spell that’s truly magical! ✨🪄✨

But think about it, what if you could get a man this mesmerized by YOU?

Think about it…

A man walks up to you to introduce himself while you’re at a gathering or social function. The enigmatic, seductive woman he’s been eyeing from across the room is…YOU. He asks for your phone number in a cautious manner. Intense desire fills his eyes as he stares at you.

For example, your boyfriend is constantly thinking about you, or you and he are currently dating. His main concern is not making the wrong move when he calls you, so he’s preparing what he’ll say in advance. Despite his best efforts, he can’t help but feel a little giddy when he sees you.

The 🔮mysteries of attraction might be hard to understand.

We think we know why a man is attracted to us, but this isn’t always the case.

The pursuit of a man might happen even if we are not “trying” or if we aren’t looking our best. Have you ever noticed that those are the moments when we appear to be more attractive to men?

The reasons why a man falls in love are even more mysterious.

When it comes to falling in love, we think we know exactly why men do it…

Even if we’re just starting out in a relationship with a guy, we think it is important to be upfront about our feelings for him. There are several ways we might show him how much we admire him, such as telling him he’s beautiful or amazing, or sexy. In order to relieve him of the burden of having to “work” too hard to meet our expectations, we provide him with suggestions for places to see and activities to do. Because we want to be more laid back,

To pique his interest, we send him sensual messages via 🤳text.

Outfits we’ve been complimented on are what we’ll wear for the night.

Because we want him to feel at home with us, we make sure the house is pristine and offer our specialty cuisine.

To show him how “thoughtful” we are, we get him a present tied to his favorite hobby.

It’s common for us to think we know why he likes us or falls in love with us, but we’re typically wrong.

Why Does a Man Fall For One Woman But Not Another?

For some time prior to meeting my husband, I’d wonder why men were so “hooked” on women; seeing so many men pining away for seemingly ordinary ladies made me question what it was about those women that drew them to one other.
I would do everything I could think of to get a man to fall hopelessly in love with me, but in the end, they always went for another woman. Despite the fact that she didn’t appear to be trying, this man was falling all over himself to win her affections.
In no time, this woman’s life would completely change. He’d move in with her change jobs, move cities even remodel her entire house! He literally did everything he could t o make her see him as a hero in her eyes.
None of those things have ever been done for me by a man.
Was there a “secret” behind her attraction that she was privy to that I wasn’t?
Finally, after much observation and investigation, I began experimenting with a variety of methods for gaining insight into a man’s thoughts and feelings.
What worked and what didn’t work for me became clearer to me over time.
It was as if someone flicked a switch.
I had no idea what was going on until I saw men everywhere! There were a lot of people who sought my attention.
From being a woman who would “hunt” for men (despite the fact that I didn’t know it at the time) to a lady any man could easily fall for. And it was at that point that I met the man I would marry.
“How can I grab his attention?” is an understandable concern. It’s possible that you’re attracted to a guy who you’ve only just met, or he’s drifting away from you in a relationship.
Instead of constantly giving, you should practice receiving more.
The importance of this cannot be overstated at any point in a relationship with another man. No other type of woman can captivate men like one who is comfortable expressing herself physically and verbally in the most vulnerable, feminine manner possible. Receiving, on the other hand, is more typically associated with women, whilst giving is more often associated with men.

Embracing your feminine energy is difficult when you’re giving so much of yourself out.

Think of a lady who is surrounded by guys, and she has no trouble receiving presents, compliments, money, dates, etc. She’s coming to terms with her receptivity as a woman!

The more you do, the more you push him away…

A man will think you’re desperate if you lavish him with gifts, attention, and affection that he isn’t reciprocating.
He’s turned off by the fact that he feels like he’s being pursued, which is a very male emotion.
As a feminine-essence woman who is drawn to masculine guys, all that effort will merely push those men away, and you’ll likely attract feminine men, or men with mommy issues. An authentically feminine lady does not engage in any of the above-mentioned behaviors in order to attract a quality man.
Men are attracted to women who naturally and effortlessly captivate them, not the ones who put in more effort to entice them.
When it comes to attracting a man, you need to rely on your innate feminine charms rather than making an effort. It’s possible to make a good first impression without exerting too much effort. While not necessitating any sort of coaxing on your part.
Let’s take the analogy of magnets.
If you’re sitting there like a magnet, and another magnet (a man) gets close enough to you, he’ll be drawn to you by the laws of nature! It’s impossible to avoid! Interestingly, it also works the other way around, too… When you were a kid and tried to put two magnets together with their north and south poles facing each other, you found that they were repelling each other no matter how hard you tried.

You need a north and a south in a romantic connection, much as in a north and south 🧲 magnetic field.

One represents the feminine, while the other represents the masculine.
If you’re spending most of your energy chasing or after him, he’s gonna be repelled.
So you’ll want to focus on embracing your feminine energy more in your daily life!
Although it may seem straightforward at first, it does require some practice. You’ll pick it up quickly because it’s a natural part of who you are.

Time to practice receiving more!

Enjoy the attention. Allow yourself to be pampered by the gifts, acts of service, and other favors that he bestows upon you. If the offer is something you truly do not desire, the best approach is to find a graceful method of accepting the good intention yet rejecting it graciously.
The more he sees you enjoying the gifts and compliments, the more eager he’ll be to shower you with even more generosity! And one of the things that healthy males like doing are making their female partners happy.
You’ll wonder how you overlooked this basic, natural practice that would make him become so enamored with you!
In my free newsletter, you’ll find a wealth of information about feminine energy, its ‘secrets,’ and practices.
Make subtle changes to your speech and body language, and you’ll effortlessly win him over.
Being more in your feminine power will not only help you attract a wonderful partner, but when you follow through with my techniques, you’ll also learn:
It’s time to stop doing all the giving and start receiving. Let go of all the pressure. There will be no more heartbreaks that are depressing anymore.
Isn’t that something to look forward to?

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