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What Men Really Want… The Secret Qualities of Women that Men Chase

Posted on October 18, 2022

Every woman occasionally wonders what men look for in a woman. What is the key to getting him fascinated and attracted?

Women frequently harbor bitterness and 🤬animosity toward men because we’ve heard “men only want one thing and they will say and do anything to get it,” which makes us women doubt our ability to ever find a good, loving, committed 🧑‍💼man. 

Men frequently experience similar emotions and frustration about what they believe women want from them. If only we would acknowledge that both men and women are humans with essentially the same desire and need for 🥰love. 

In this article, I’ll share true and accurate details about what guys claim to desire from gals and compare it to what women believe men want. You’ll also learn how women can satisfy men’s desires, find an incredible man to date, and build a secure, fulfilling 👫relationship.

A woman who enjoys her authentic life. 💃

Women who have interests, careers, and friends tend to attract men. Relationships usually start with people being absolutely infatuated with each other – you just can’t get enough! But as that heat starts to cool off a bit and we regain balance, it’s important to reprioritize your interest to allow the relationship to breathe.

Your interests are part of the reason he was drawn to you in the 1st place. If you lose them, he will lose passion for you and his chase instinct will falter.

Remember when we talked about being in your feminine energy? When you’re enjoying life as a woman, you don’t need a relationship to be happy; rather, you want one to complement your already happy, thriving life. A man is not responsible for your happiness. You are already whole!

Meaningful connection. 🫂

Everyone wants to connect with someone on a deeper level. Finding out if you have things in common will be a good starting point, and communication and curiosity are the keys to it.

You can determine whether a connection has been created and can be developed by finding out why someone acts or thinks the way they do.

Men want a woman who responds truthfully and might even offer information. They desire a woman who assertively requests that her wants and needs be met. They are looking for a woman that can communicate with kindness while seeing reality and telling it like it is. 

Men desire a partner who converses without being overly critical and who values maintaining her boundaries. Unfortunately, many women believe that men want them to be happy-go-lucky, keep their needs and wishes to themselves, and never make demands. Women also tend to believe that men find them to be overly needy and sensitive. Humans have an innate fear of getting rejected so we tend to unnecessarily hide our deepest feelings.

Great men seek and welcome direct and bold communication free from anger, blame, or judgment.

Men are obsessed with confident women.

Men prefer when a woman chooses them out of “desire” rather than out of emotional or material desperation. Men desire and need relationships, but they also want their partners to be someone apart from them. 

Men desire dynamic, vivacious women who have their own interests and friends. However, men cherish the time they spend with their partners. Women believe that men don’t want them to depend on them. Women believe men don’t value or require quality time with their partners. Women think making a man feel needed will make him uncomfortable and hurt their chances.

You don’t have to have your life completely together, but at least some areas where you are very secure. Men like to feel like they are adding value to their life – or filling in the missing pieces – not the whole 🥧pie.

Men desire a whole partner, just like women do. Making a rich, fulfilling life for your own happiness is one effective technique to attract a great man and develop a strong connection.

The type of man that wants a woman who is emotionally and financially dependent on him is a controlling and desperate man – run away!

A woman with a “growth” mindset. 🧠🪴

The ideal woman not only helps a man fulfill his dreams and goals, but she also has her own growth aspirations. The ideal woman has a vision for her future and is resolute in pursuing it. It could be as simple as something you’re passionate about and not necessarily your career.  

Men are drawn to women who challenge their assumptions and arouse positive emotions. Strong-willed women who don’t let anyone get in the way of their goals can come across as being too stubborn and isolating, which can be quite aggravating. 

A wise woman knows how to pick her fights in a diplomatic way and get support in reaching her goals. That is what enables her to succeed in the game of life.

A sense of earning the mystery 🔮

There is a lot to explore about each other when you’re just starting a relationship, and it only gets revealed gradually. It takes time to get to know someone. And men like taking the time to solve the riddles of our complexities, and this keeps them curious.

It takes time to become vulnerable to learn about someone. It requires trust, which can only be developed through time and in many contexts. He should earn the right to hear your story. What we earn, we value.🏆

The big C’s of any relationship;
Commitment and Consistency.

Commitment and consistency are must-haves for any relationship to flourish. In fact, men prefer partners who can fully commit to the relationship and don’t have “roaming eyes.” Many people define commitment as being faithful and willing to work on the relationship, even when things are difficult. Women believe that men only desire a physical relationship without the burden of commitment, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In addition, being consistent shows your significant other that you are who you say you are, which is fantastic. It demonstrates to a guy that you are not putting on a false front in the early stages of a relationship and that you won’t change overnight once you both feel at ease with one another. Consistency is the antithesis of volatility in this situation. No matter how attractive a person may be, it becomes frustrating when they are volatile and unpredictable because it is hard to predict how they will act toward you on a given day.

In the dynamics of relationships, men should do the “🏹hunting” because chasing them has the opposite effect. This is about providing a challenge that appeals to guys, not about playing games. In general, if you want to keep them interested, consider these tips to make them chase you:

But let’s face it, knowing what men want and how to put it into practice are two completely different things. By signing up for my FREE newsletter, I’ll show you how to find and maintain a devoted man without using any tricks or games.

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