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Why You Could Be Pushing Him Away in Your Pursuit of Love

Posted on October 18, 2022

Are you chasing after a man without even knowing it?
It’s easy to unintentionally make things worse by chasing a man and denying him the chance to express his true feelings for YOU.
I also understand the frustration of watching a man slip away as you sit by. It is our goal to let a man know that we are interested in him. We want to make it as easy as possible for him to ask us back out. We want to appear upbeat and carefree.
We know we’re not meant to be chasing after him, and yet we’re doing it in ways that we’re not even conscious of.
There is a misconception that being “friendly” equates to flirting. In our culture, we are told that if we seem “casual,” a man won’t notice that we’re pursuing him.
However, the truth is that we are. And it’s a turn-off to a man when we act like we’re “chasing” after him. He feels suffocated, and you give off an aggressive “vibe” that doesn’t arouse any desire in him to come closer.
Things that appear friendly but are actually chasing men include the following:
If you’re calling him before he calls you. For example, you might call because you heard about a wonderful band playing somewhere, or someone mentioned a great event you want to invite him to, or even – anything at all, really. Calling to ask why he hasn’t phoned you is also part of the process.
Making first contact. Inquiring about his whereabouts, emailing him, messaging him, sending him a cute card, dropping by his place, or in any other manner attempting to make contact.
Suggestions or plans for the future. By extending invitations to him or by appearing as if you are in charge of the social life of the relationship in any other way.
We all do these things without even realizing it. It’s easy for us to justify these actions since we assume we’re just being “nice.” Fear of losing him is at the core of this, and it stems from the fact that we don’t want to let him know that we’re interested in him. But let’s be honest, you ARE interested, and you DO want his attention. That doesn’t mean HE has to know it, and every point we just made before screams “needy”.
So, if you want to know exactly how you can get them interested and attached without looking desperate, stick around for alot more tips on how to make this happen. This is a long journey that requires patience and commitment to the cause, but who knows, you might get the fairytale love story you’ve always dreamed of.

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