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Why You Should Consider Dating Other Men

Posted on October 18, 2022

That all women should “date” regardless of their relationship status is a surprising concept. When it comes to dating and marriage, we’ve been taught that exclusivity and monogamy are synonymous. When a woman is currently in a committed relationship, the idea of dating another man seems counterintuitive and foreign to her. Either you’re 🥂 dating, or you have the exact commitment you want (whether that’s 👰‍♀️marriage or otherwise).

Even if you’re formally exclusive or married, you can substantially improve your connection with your partner by opening up your sexual energy or “dating” yourself and flirting to reawaken your 🔥🫦💃alluring, irresistible energy.

Being exclusive DOES NOT guarantee commitment…Say that again!

It’s a good idea to keep dating other men if you’re in a relationship with a man who hasn’t committed to you entirely. To avoid being sucked into a relationship with someone who isn’t sure what he wants out of it, take some time to expand your options.

Not surprisingly, this directly conflicts with what most women believe about love. From an early age, women are indoctrinated with the idea that being a man’s “girlfriend” and being exclusive are prerequisites for a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Obviously, this is a sham!

As it turns out, the moment a woman makes a man the center of her life, he begins to lose interest in you. This is because the man begins to think less of you the moment he realizes that you’ve dedicated yourself exclusively to him before he’s given you the commitment you seek. In his eyes, it shows that you lack boundaries, standards, and self-respect. He doubts your ability to stand up for yourself.

Being in a relationship with a man exclusively does not guarantee long-term love and devotion. Keeping your options open and focusing on YOUR ideal 🙂happy life and what YOU really need will help you find what you’re looking for.

Even when you’re married, it’s NOT about actively going out on dates with men. You “date” yourself by engaging in a casual flirtation with life and allowing men to compliment and admire you. Going out with friends and doing things that brighten your mood is something to look forward to. You treat yourself to things that enhance your self-esteem and make you feel like a sexy, desirable woman and overall just good about yourself.

You can completely transform your  🔥🫦💃feminine energy vibe by focusing on yourself and doing things that make you feel warm, romantic, and wonderful inside.

Rather than feeling desperate, you feel liberated. Instead of feeling desperate, you’re filled with a sense of generosity. This is about adjusting your worldview, or as I call it your 🔭kaleidoscope, from scarcity to abundance.

Intimate relationships with yourself or flirting with other men boosts your irresistible sexual energy and self-confidence. It gives you a positive sense of self-worth because you know that no matter what any man does, your feminine power will always attract men and love into your life.

When it comes to finding the right guy and keeping him in your life for the rest of your life, you need to maintain or reignite the alluring, sensual feminine vibe. 🔥🫦💃

Whether it’s a man you’re drawn to, your boyfriend, or your husband, my blog contains all you need to know about changing your vibe and attracting the man of your dreams.

When things were going sour in my relationship, I tried everything I could think of to fix it. I would try to please him, debate with him, appear more perfect or pretty, and so on. It seemed like I couldn’t stop thinking about our issues and what he wanted. 

Because I was so desperate for it to work, I made him the center of my universe 🌌, but it only served to distance us further. Then a flash of inspiration struck me. What if I did the opposite?

What if I tried to please myself? What if I dropped trying to get him to like me and decided that it was him who had to win my affections? Just like he had to in the beginning. Just like any man would need to because I am the 🏆prize, and he is the lucky one to have me!

Only after taking a step back and relaxing into my own skin did my relationship begin to turn around. As soon as I started doing things for myself that honored what I needed, his attitude toward me shifted dramatically.

A 💡light will go on in your head (like it did for me), and you’ll see immediate results when you put into practice all the techniques and methods I provide in my Newsletter to change how a man feels around you. For example, you’ll discover a simple practice that will help your man appreciate you more.

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